I’m gonna soak up some sun

The ski season is coming to a close and it looks like we are going to end on a high note.  The weather this weekend has been great.  Perfect for egg hunts, T-shirt skiing, and hanging out on Main Street.  I put a T-shirt on first thing in the morning and now I am thinking sandals are in order.  As soon as I get this post taken care of I think I will wake Kooky up (he is a big fan of naps) and drag him downtown to soak up some sun on a bench and do a little knitting in public.  Of course I will be sure to apply my sunscreen.

With the increasing length of the days I have been up and at it running in the mornings again.  Just some low mileage to get a good base.  I have a goal race in the fall and will give myself a 20 Week training program to work on starting in May.  I have also been looking around for a couple of other shorter races for the summer.  It feels good to be back into racing.  To keep in great racing shape I am being careful with my mileage and working on my hips, which includes exercises to strengthen my glutes, core and hips.  I just got this new set of exercises from Running Times.  I am a running nerd, I love learning about the mechanics of running.  Maybe that is why I like knitting, I love to understand the mechanics of knitting as well.

So what’s on my needles?  Still working on the purple mukluks.  I put them aside for a few other projects, but Kooky’s mom will be here in a few weeks and I want to have them done.



The Skyp socks are coming along.  I love them, but I must put them aside for other more pressing projects, sigh…


Of course I still have DD’s blanket on the needles and I am supposed to pick up April’s pattern and yarn allotment tomorrow. Eek!  I have five more repeats of the pattern to go.


Despite all this knitting I still managed to finish up my March Design It! Item.  I will post pictures as soon as the thread on Ravelry goes up.  Got to play by the rules.  I also was a lucky winner of a brand new knitting book.  I have been reading Wendy’s blog and she had a copy of  Easy Openwork Knit Tops by Kennita Tully to give away.  I can’t wait till it arrives, I will let you know all about it.  Oh wait Kooky just woke up! Time to go out and soak up some sun.