We make great pets

Where I live, it is not cheap to live.  My tiny little mountain town might be rural.  (Like truly rural, the closest hospital is an hour and a half away.  We don’t have a stop light in our county and we seriously have only  about four state highways running through the county and many unpaved county roads.  Many of which are impassable from November till July.)  But being a high-end skier destination, we sure have big city prices on everything.  Including rent and home prices.  Which is why I have multiple jobs.  My latest and greatest second job is my pet sitting/house sitting work.

I have several dogs, cats, fish and even two lovely horses that I care for throughout the year while their humans go on trips (usually to someplace I cannot afford anyhow).  This works out swell because I get a temporary new home, always far less cluttered than mine, and the animals get to keep their normal routine.  Plus, I get to spend time with a super cool animal that I can build a trusting relationship with.  Most of them leave my yarn alone and the dogs usually love that I will take them running with me.  Once they learn my running schedule, they never forget and will not allow me to skip my alarm, ever.  Hot doggie breath in my face at 5 am is super good motivation.

These two sweet cats live together but refused to get in the same frame once I got the camera out.  No camera in sight and they cuddle up together on the mantle.  I have never owned cats myself but from my experience with cats, I think this is pretty typical cat behavior.

This little girl also would not cooperate with me.  Either would the sun, which seemed to find a cloud every time I snapped the shutter.  Usually she gets so happy outside that she does this little bunny hop instead of just plain running.  This little super doggie lives in the town up over the mountain from me which means I get some commute time to and from work (usually I walk and it is hard to knit and walk).  This is not your usual commute by subway or bus.  This is by gondola.  Pictured above is the view from the gondola to my town and one of the gondola cabins so you can get an idea of what they look like.  Below is the chondola, a combination gondola and chair lift with smaller cabins that only runs in the winter.

The pictures were not so great, as you can see it was still kind of early and the sun had not quite made it over the mountains yet and it was overcast with scratches on the glass to boot.  Never fear, I have many occasions to ride the gondola throughout the year so I will get some better pictures.  By the way, this is free transportation to visitors and locals alike.  It all makes working two (or more) jobs worth the trade-off.

I hope to make this blog interesting to folks who stop by, I know I don’t always have a lot of knitting talk (or running talk either) but I hope I offer interesting insights to a place to live that is slightly off the beaten path in more ways than one.  I will always welcome feedback, comments or suggestions.

P.S. In the next post I will discuss my triumphant return to running with the (sort of) return of the morning light and at the end of the month I can reveal one of my secret knitting projects!

5 thoughts on “We make great pets

    1. admin Post author

      Don’t worry, I will be hanging out on the mesa soon taking care of those beauties. Hope to get a good shot of them thundering up from the creek for breakfast

    1. admin Post author

      It is so much fun to hang out with them. It really is the best second job I could have, not much like a job at all. Thanks for reading :-)

  1. cleo14

    I have the same routine with MY doggies. Six AM every morning on the dot they’re in my room either licking my face or on my ankles. Small dogs they are not. I usually get up pretty quick with 150 pounds of doggy trying to get on top of me.

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